Writers Show, Don't Tell Their Feelings

I found another great anchor chart on Pinterest!  Our school accidentally over-ordered huge poster paper, so I've been making the most of it this year.  This one outlined another writing lesson on creating mood in a personal narrative.

I decided to change the pig graphic to a child, but otherwise it worked for my needs.  I hung the poster as a visual, and played, well, basically charades with my class.  I wrote 5 different emotions on cards, and pulled names out of a hat.  They got to come up and choose a card with an emotion written on it. everyone had a card, I had one student at a time come up with volunteers from their group to act out their emotion.  I gave them each a simple phrase to say for "voice" and cued one person at a time to say it.  I also sometimes "paused" the kids and cued the rest of the class to look at just facial expression since body language involves movement that can distract from the nuances on their faces.  The kids really got into it, and had time to "fix" their writing after the activity was over.

I'm also excited to announce that my personal narratives packet (which includes this activity) is finally finished and available at my TPT store!  It's 35 pages, and currently $6.99.  I can't wait to share it with my grade level partner tomorrow, and with my district's literacy committee next week.

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