Prepare Easy Snacks for Kids (For Parents)

You want your children to eat healthy, but we're all very busy. Here are some healthy snacks I've seen my students bring that look relatively easy but still healthy.

Pack a mozzarella cheese stick.
The cheese is pre-wrapped. All you need to do is purchase, tear one off, and put it in a lunch bag!

Choose an apple.
Apples aren't just for teachers. The reason they're so popular for busy people like teachers is because they are healthy, provide quick energy in the form of natural sugars, AND they are easy to pack! The apple skin is all the wrapping it needs, so hand one to your kid and they're off!

Bag some popcorn.
Popcorn that has minimal butter and salt is healthier than chips, but just as convenient. Buy prepackaged/popped bags of popcorn or pop your own to save money.

Go nuts!
Provided your child has no allergic classmates, nuts make a healthy, filling snack.  Just check with your child's teacher first to be sure the classroom isn't "Nut-Free." 

Get plastic spoons with yogurt.
Keeping plastic spoons around along with cups of yogurt makes this an easy snack.

Bag some grapes.
Grapes require no cutting, just washing and a bag.

Give kids some choice.
These snacks are quick and healthy for kids. Try asking them which of the above choices they like best. By involving children in the process, they're less likely to trade an unloved snack for one you didn't plan on them eating. Good luck!

Final Thoughts:
•    If you child prefers bananas or oranges to apples, they're just as easy. No packaging necessary.
•    Some kids like bagged dry cereal to snack on instead of popcorn.
•    Some kids bring bagged baby carrots instead of grapes.

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