TPT Sunday Super Sale: Stock Up on Math Learning Centers

That's right, Teacher's Pay Teachers will be having another site-wide sale on game day.  It's a good day to pick up some items from your wishlist at a reduced price in between watching those fantastic commercials.  (*wink*)

I'm glad they are running the sale now since my wallet has had a chance to recover from the holidays, and there are still a few weeks before February vacation.  

Over at my TPT store I'll be throwing a sale to coincide with the site's in order to give you 28% off all my items priced $1 and up (just remember to use promo code SUPER at checkout).  If you're looking forward to stocking up while the prices are low, getting a bunch of math learning centers is a good idea this time of year.  Just think:
  1. The kids know your expectations for group work and being held accountable.
  2. You know which kids need extra practice using which skills.
  3. You know which kids to keep apart.
  4. The kids need repetition to practice things they learned back in September to keep them in their long term memory.
If you're like me and increasing the time you give your students to use your learning centers between now and your state testing, here are some of my popular learning center task cards and file folder games for math skills such as 2 digit multiplication, long division, factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers, place value, and estimating.

I hope you find some great resources during the sale!  Besides math centers, do you already have planned purchases in your wishlist?  Share your favorite finds in the comments below.
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