Unplugging for Summer Vacation (Well, Not Completely)

I hope you're all having a good summer!  I wanted to do a quick catch up post before my big announcement tomorrow.  I don't like to write too many "non-teaching-tip" posts but I think for teachers in summer that's where we're all at (except for those of you who I was jealous of back in May, when we were still sweating it out in school until June 26).
My husband and I did not go to England this summer since my husband is preparing for the next stage in the visa application process.  We had lots of documentation to collect, and we don't know if or when he'll get a call for an interview so we didn't feel confident about leaving the country. 

Instead, his family came here for a visit!

We spent some time in Boston (love Faneuil Hall in the summer).  We ate cake and Thai in Newburyport and shopped loads.  We pet the goats and ate ice cream in Bradford.  We hit the malls in Peabody and Salem NH on rainy days, and beach-combed at The Willows in Salem.  They had a lot of fun, and I'm glad I got to return the favor since normally they spoil us each summer.

After those two non-stop weeks that I spent one day recuperating before going in to work on my classroom.  The kids don't go back until after Labor Day, but I like to finish early so I don't feel rushed at the end (I wish I could keep that attitude all year round, haha).

Paint Nite fun!
Then this week was my mom's birthday with mine the day after.  I went out with work friends on my real birthday (Paint Nite!) and my husband the next day.

Birthday flowers from my in-laws

And sometime in August, I'll be going to Cape Cod for 2 days.  As a result my blog and my store have had some down time!  I see other TPT buddies who publish multiple products seemingly on the daily and feel major envy/panic.  "I'm falling behind!"  But then I remind myself of everything I HAVE been doing.

Yes, they included a balloon.
Even before the in-laws arrived we took on a pretty big clear out project and donated lots of items, so my place feels so much airier.  We're tired, but most of what we've done has been in the name of fun.

I really hope I have some down time in August, but I'm not going to feel too guilty about letting things go quiet here.  It's all about prioritizing, right?  Anyone else feeling freedom or guilt from "unplugging" this summer?
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