End of the School Year to do List

With the school year coming to an end more rapidly than ever (not just because it always feels that way, but also because we've never gotten out before June 12 before) I've had to dig out the old "End of the School Year to do List."  It's been a big help over the past few years to keep this list and simply update it from year to year.

There are 2 types of lists when it comes to the End of the School Year for me.  One is bringing closure for my students and I, as I say "good bye and good luck in 5th grade."  That's a list for another blog post.  This End of the School Year list is about getting things organized for my principal's and custodians' expectations over the summer, as well as preparing for the next school year. Ending One School Year, Preparing for the Next
1.    Sort numbered textbooks into closet before kids leave
2.    Clear counters and tables 
3.    Enlist the kids’ help packing up:
a.    Shelf all teacher's manuals
b.    Bag materials on and in desk into desk
c.    Stack bins onto bookshelves
d.    Line up books on other bookshelf
e.    Bag kids’ materials on their shelf
f.    Bag top half of metal cabinet and put on bottom half  
4.    Remove posters from fabric covered bulletin boards, bring fabric home to wash
5.    Cover posters with spelling list chart paper
6.    Sort all papers into unit files in file cabinet and document boxes
7.    Bring home:
a.    Curricula
b.    Next year’s roster
c.    Poster board, poster markers, and posters to redo
d.    Popsicle sticks for lunch count
e.    Blank report card
f.    New grade book
g.    New lesson plan book
h.    Reader’s workshop conference binder with tabs
8.    Clean if there’s time
9.    Hang up classroom map so the custodians can put the furniture back after waxing the floors

July:  Preparing for the New School Year
1.    Start my “Create” and “Print” lists at home
2.    Start my “Copy” and “Laminate” lists at school
3.    Start my “Organize” list at school
4.    Start my “Buy” list

August:  The Week (or 2) Before School Starts
1.    Wash counters, sink, tables, cabinets, shelves, students’ desks (have sponge, vinegar, spray bottle)
2.    Set up shelves
3.    Hang fabric on bulletin boards
4.    Hang trim on bulletin boards
5.    Hang posters (calendar, buddy study, alphabet, rules, stoplight)
6.    Organize desk and back cabinet
7.    Finish making all photocopies
8.    Distribute Student Books into desks

August:  Teachers Officially Start
1.    Complete my “Ask my Principal” list
2.    Complete the “Schedule” list
3.    Complete the “Fill Out” list
4.    Update the “Remember” list based on new school wide objectives and routines

The lists mentioned within this list need updating every year, but a lot of it stays the same.  I have this list in a more printable, editable form with even more specifics for free in my TPT store.  I hope it helps you stay organized this year too! 
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