New Character Education "Poster"

I saw this inspirational quote and I thought it embodies the sort of prosocial, make-your-school-a-better-place sort of mantra my principal wants.  I'm the type of person that LIKES inspirational quotes, but I fear the idea of littering my room with them to the point that they lose meaning.  So it was with careful consideration that I chose, "Be the kind of person you want to meet."

It seems like just the right message, developmentally, to send a group of kids who are starting to notice the attention of their peers, but aren't quite at the point where the pressures have petrified them from being themselves.  Oh, and plus it's the fun colors and design I use

How to Make This Functional Display

First of all, the squares are actually paper plates from Target!  They match my classroom colors and they were on sale.  I still have a few more that I'm sure I'll find use for (I'm thinking a bulletin board heading).

Next, I went through a bunch of free fonts I downloaded from daFont.  After printing on lime green paper and trimming them, I used Post It note glue to attach them to the plates (so I can reuse the plates if I need the plates for something else later in the year).  And viola!  An eye catching sign with a positive message.
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  1. Love this! Short and sweet - and DEEP at the same time.


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