Parent's Night: Involving Students When They're Not Invited

Is there anyone who doesn't feel stress before Parent's Night?

We teachers get nervous that parents won't like what we have to say.  Parents get nervous to hear a professional's opinion of their pride and joy.  And students?  Well, we all remember what it's like knowing that the grownups are talking about us!

In order to alleviate that stress, I had my students process the upcoming evening as part of their Morning Work:

Parent's Night is Tonight!

Write a note to your parents for tonight.  You may:
Thank them for coming.
  1. Tell them something you want them to see while they're here.
  2. Tell them a question you want them to ask me.
  3. Tell them what you're learning about in class.
  4. If you know they can't come, choose option #4 and you can bring it home to them.  
If you need more ideas for Parent's Night, check out my Back to School Night Packet.

Do you have any tips for helping your students feel included in Parent's Night?

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