Educents Group Deals for Teachers

I just found out about a new group-deal discount mailing list called Educents, and it's like Groupon and Living Social, but for teachers.  I LOVE Groupon; I've found so many great restaurants through them that I might have never tried otherwise, and saved at least $15 each time, so I figured why not give this a try too?!  I figure I can always cancel later if I don't like it.

I also got a $15 credit just for signing up today, so again, it sounds like a win-win. If you're thinking of signing up I think they're only giving $15 vouchers until the start of April.  They want to build a following before launching, I suppose.

The sign up process was just a matter of entering my Email address and first name, then clicking the verification link when they sent an Email, so it was certainly easy enough; no surveys or personal information asked.

If you sign up for Educents here it is a referral link for me; I'll get an extra $1 credit.  You'll get a referral code if you sign up too if you want to post on your own blog or Facebook.  What do you think?  Worth a try?
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