Celebrating Teacher's Appreciation Week with a Sale!

It's that time again!  Teacher's Appreciation Week starts tomorrow, and to celebrate, Teachers Pay Teachers is having another site-wide sale!  So if you have some items sitting in your wish list, go check it out on May 7 & 8 and treat yourself. 

Those of us over at All Things Upper Elementary will be throwing a sale to coincide with the site's in order to give you 28% off nearly all of our products (just remember to use promo code TAD13 at checkout).

If you're looking forward to stocking up while the prices are low, check out some end of the year activities I like to use with my class.  Just think, now that state testing is over (or nearly over) you can focus on:

1.  Activities that integrate art and creativity:

2.  Science and Social Studies (I feel like they're put on the back burner as math and reading tests approach):

4.  End of the year activities:

I hope you find some great resources during the sale!  Besides resources geared specifically for this time of year, do you already have other planned purchases in your wish list?  Share your favorite finds in the comments below.

In addition to the huge sale, I wanted to let you know about my blogging buddy Jamie's (AKA Miss Math Dork) math link-up.  Not only can you find math products (grades k-12) just in time for the sale, but half of the items in this linky party are FREE.  So enjoy!
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