Teachers For Boston Marathon Fundraiser Update

For everyone who donated to the Teachers for Boston fundraising effort for the Boston Marathon bombing, thank you.

So far, we have raised over $5,000!  The generosity of teachers is an overwhelming thing.  As a MA resident, thank you to everyone for helping to heal my city.  

If there's anyone reading who did not donate but is interested, there is still time before this fundraiser ends.  You can still buy the K-2 or 3-5 bundle for $20 (we're talking about $180 worth of products here) from now until Wednesday, 5/10.  I donated one of my fraction of a set task cards activity as well as a great little classroom management tool.

For anyone who donated through different means, but is interested in winning a free copy of one of these products, Michaela Almeida (the fundraiser organizer) will donate the $40 to pay for one of each of these products, and give them away to 2 people.  Go ahead over to her blog for the details.  You have from Sunday 5/5 to Wednesday 5/10.
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