And the Winner Is...

Yesterday I posted about my $10 gift card giveaway to Teachers Pay Teachers.  My husband made fun of me when I went to get a bowl and started writing out names, so I went on for a random number generator.  I assigned each person a number in the order of his/her comment post.

And the winner is Brain Ninjas!  Congratulations!  Watch your Email for your prize by 9pm tonight.  For everyone else, thank you for participating; enjoy some freebies!

1.  Tissue box hygiene reminders.  I use these in my classroom as a not so subtle reminder to keep it clean!  Just rubber-band them to your tissue box.  It's a better place for a reminder than the sink, where they are already washing their hands.  Keep those flu germs at bay!

2.  Holiday Aid for Low Income Students   This is a great seasonal activity for upper elementary students.  It's designed to help target assistance for your lower income students if you have funds from the PTO to provide them with a little something for the holiday.  Whether your PTO will help you or you and your colleagues chip in, this page will help you get started.

3. Mentor Sentences for Complete Sentences.   Mentor sentences require students to analyze quality, model writing, then explain what makes it so.  It's a great alternative to exposing students to models of incorrect writing.  

4.  Kinesthetic Map Activity.  It's not every day you let your fourth graders crawl around on the floor to learn, but I think you'll like this one as much as they do.  This is a fun whole group activity that gets kids practicing where the continents are in relation to each other, as well as which, countries are on which continent. 

5.  Using one half as a benchmark coloring page.  This coloring page reveals a "mystery picture" as kids determine if each fraction is greater to, less than, or equal to one half.  The writing component allows you to differentiate as well as gives students practice justifying their answer. 

Or, if you're looking for bargains for the Teachers Pay Teachers sale, check out these products: Remember to enter promo code CYBER2016 at checkout for 28% off the regular prices, November 28 and 29 only.  Here are a few items from my own store that are in high demand and have kept my own students engaged in their learning each year during the second trimester:

1.  This Long Division Games Bundle provides students with the repeated practice they need to internalize the long division process.  By turning this practice into games and hands on activities, the kids actually enjoy honing their long division skills!

2.  Like the division bundle, this Equivalent Fractions Activities 3 in One Bundle is hands on, and helps students enjoy their math block. 
  If you're looking for a more complete fractions unit, I am launching my finished FRACTIONS UNIT on Monday, just in time for the sale.  This product has been months in the making, and I wanted my readers to have the opportunity to get the maximum savings on it.  Check out my most recent product and save 28%!  If you really want to plan ahead, Poetry Month is traditionally in April.  This is the time to save big on a complete poetry unit for fourth grade.  It has everything you need for high stakes test prep.  This Fourth Grade PoetryMini Unit helps students meet the standards while also providing opportunities for creativity and appreciation for a variety of poetic forms.  And finally, if you're looking for my best deal, you can save 28% on my largest bundle, my 5 U.S. Regions Unit Plans Bundle.  Normally priced $25, it will cost just $18.75 for two days only! 

So start filling your wishlist, and come back Monday and Tuesday to save a bundle on some fun, engaging resources for your class. Again, remember to enter promo code CYBER2016 at checkout for 28% off.  Happy shopping!

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